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The books advertised may be purchased in several ways.

***  Send us an email at telling us what you would like to buy. We’ll get back to you with direct purchasing options, or

***   Buy paperback copies from Amazon ( or the Book Depository (, or

***  Buy e-books from Amazon ( (for Kindle), iBooks from Apple, or generic e-books from Kobo (, or

***  In Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the US, ask your local book shop to order the book(s) for you.

The following ISBN numbers may be useful:

Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs
–   Paperback ISBN 978 099 252 7648
–   E-book       ISBN 978 088 252 7655

The Compassionate Englishwoman
–   Paperback ISBN 978 177 582 2141 (Canada, South Africa and USA);  ISBN 978 099 252 7624 (Rest of the world)
–   E-book       ISBN 978 099 252 7631

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