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Middle Harbour Press - Secrets, Spies & Spotted Dogs Book Cover

Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs

Book Description

An award winning book – ideal for book clubs

A simple need for her birth certificate leads the author, Jane, aged 19, to a devastating secret:  she is adopted.  She is sworn to secrecy and forbidden to search for her biological family.  Eventually, 40 years later she discovers her controversial and extraordinary mother bred Dalmatians, played excellent bridge and was a spy in WWII sent by the Dutch to Arnhem just prior to the Market Garden Campaign in September 1944.  Sceptical and wary, she asks herself ‘how could this possibly be true?’

At times reminiscent of Foyle’s War and the atmosphere in the film, The Imitation Game, this book interweaves the raw emotion of adoptee discovery, the heart-pounding threads of WWII espionage and a poignant search for truth and identity.


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Middle Harbour Press – The Compassionate Englishwoman Book Cover

The Compassionate Englishwoman

Book Description

The year 1900 was an era in which very few women made a mark on their time. Emily Hobhouse was one of those exceptional women. During a dark moment in British history, she stood alone for the values we all cherish.

In London, the upper class Hobhouse heard that women and children caught in the Boer War were having a difficult time. Concerned, she went to South Africa – by herself and at her own initiative – to investigate and assist. What she found is disturbing.


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